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LTO 6 Tapes


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LTO 6 Tapes


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LTO 6 Tapes


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LTO 6 Tapes


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LTO 6 Tapes


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LTO 6 Tapes


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LTO 6 Tapes

Linear Tape Open (LTO) is a magnetic tape which is used for data storage. The LTO6 (6th generation) was released in 2012 and it was capable to hold up 2.5TB in cartridge of the same size. This device has the capacity to store up to 6.25 TB compressed data.

Extreme Performance
The LTO 6 tape enables the fast backup and restore performance at the speed up to 400MB/s. These tapes are compatible to previous two generations that means they can be easily integrated with the previous gens.

Massive Storage Capacity
The LTO 6 tapes protects 6.25TB of data on each cartridge. These are reliable and efficient devices for the storage of large data. These machines provide a single platform for massive storage. The LTO 6 capacity is a giant one. It enable the massive storage of 6.25TB of data which is more than the lto 4 cartridges. That’s why they are providing the huge cartridge capacity to store large amount of data.

Fast and Efficient
The LTO 6 speed is also very interesting thing to note. This Ultrium technology enable the data transfer at high speed of 400MB/s. This device has improved the transfer rate over the lto 5 drives to 43%. This technology is faster and quicker than the disk while streaming. The LTO 6 tape capacity, compatibility and security makes them the best of all generations. These devices keep up the data secured. Respective tapes are capable of delivering powerful tape drive 256 bit AES encryption. This device is designed for interoperability and are hard-wearing devices for archival storage.


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