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Imation 11864 data media tape


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The Imation 11864 SLR 5 Data Backup Tape Cartridge is a relatively old device and is the fifth generation of the Scalable Linear Recording tape format technology. Although not as good as the LTO format this device is still good for people looking to save very critical information for a long period of time. This Data Backup tape offers a native data storage capacity of 4 GB. As is the case with most backup tapes, the total data storage space can be increased to 8 GB if the data is saved in compressed format. Transferring data to and from the device is very easy and fast as this backup tape offers a fast data transfer rate. The Imation 11864 SLR 5 Data Backup Storage Tape is designed to help small companies or even home based companies to effectively backup their critical data. It can be used to archive important files so that they are protected from harm. Its rigid and durable design ensures that your data is always kept safe in the event of an emergency like a virus attack.

Key Features

  • Large Data Storage Capacity of 4 GB (8 GB Compressed)
  • Fast Data Transfer Rate
  • High Durability and Reliability
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Long Archival Life


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