Sony SDX1-25C Data Media Tape

Detail: Sony SDX1-25C AIT-2 Backup Tape
Brand: Sony
Type: Brand New
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Sony SDX1-25C is storage tape and the first AIT (Advance Intelligent Tape). Sony SDX1-25C AIT1 has impressive 25 GB native storage capacity with 65 GB for compressed information. Sony SDX1-25C AIT 1 uses Diamond like Carbon coating methods which make tape surface harder like a Diamond and much better than Metal Oxides. Sony SDX1-25C AIT-1 employs AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology which better and higher the recording ability and overall performance. Sony SDX1-25C tape uses MIC Chip Memory in Cassette and Pure Metal Magnetic Layer which helps and improve long lasting tape working ability and additional storage capacity. Sony SDX1-25C has very important Flash memory Chip which kept the most important information about the cassette and offers very reliable and very fast loading or unloading operations.

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